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Managing Chinese New Year 2024 – Cut Off Dates
Managing Chinese New Year 2024 – Cut Off Dates
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Dear InkPOD Users,

As the Chinese New Year 2024 draws near, we wish to inform you about some operational changes that will impact our print-on-demand services during this period.

Chinese New Year Dates:

This year, the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations will occur between February 9th and February 17th. This is a time of festivity and family reunions in China, and accordingly, our factories and logistics partners will be taking a break.

Product-Specific Production Cut-Off Dates:

  • Shoes: The cut-off date for shoe production is February 1th.

  • Bags: The cut-off date for bag production is February 4th.

  • Other Products: For cut-off dates regarding other products, please download the detailed table 'product-deadlines.xlsx' file at the end of the article.

* Please be aware that orders placed starting from February 4th may not be shipped, as our product production typically takes 3 to 7 days, and the China Customs’ holiday is from February 9th to February 17th, they will be sent out immediately after the holidays.

Prioritizing Your Orders:

To ensure your orders are processed efficiently post-holiday, we recommend timely payment during the holiday period. This will prioritize your order in our production queue, allowing for quicker processing and dispatch once we resume operations.

Customer Service During the Holiday:

While our manufacturing and shipping take a pause, our commitment to supporting you remains unwavering. Our online customer service will continue to operate during the Chinese New Year, however, please expect some delays in response times due to the holiday season.

Sales and Marketing Guidance:

You can maintain sales throughout the entire holiday season. However, we advise against initiating or expanding new winning campaigns from February 1st to February 17th, due to potential delays and operational limitations. This period post-holidays is an excellent opportunity for you to gear up for uninterrupted sales and marketing activities in the forthcoming spring and summer months.

Post-Festival Operations:

Once the Chinese New Year festivities conclude, we look forward to returning to our full operational capacity, so by February 17th it is safe to resume launching and scaling your campaigns and there won’t be any noticeable delays for your customers.

A Heartfelt Thank You:

We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience during this significant cultural celebration. Thank you for continuing this journey with us for another year of great success at InkPOD!

Warm regards,

InkPOD Team

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