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Customize your branding designs
Customize your branding designs
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Branding materials are free to customize, and after you save a branding design, a warehouse item will be created with on-demand stock, you can them attach it to your orders, and we'll take care of it to ship with your products to your customer.

Here are two ways to get your branding done

  • Design from scratch

  • Design from pre-designed branding material templates

From the branding materials list, click a branding material you want to customize, then go to the detail page.

To design from scratch, please click the 'START DESIGNING' button, and then the customizer will displayed, upload your logo, and add text to styling your branding.

To design from our pre-designed branding material templates, please click the tab 'PRE_DESIGNED TEMPLATES', you'll see all the templates belongs to this design materials.

Click one of them, a dialog will displayed, after you click the 'CUSTOMIZE NOW' button, feel free to add your logo, facebook, ins, and tiktok account to customizer.

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